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Why data warehouse and data analytics?

A study by AT Kearney (The value of analytics in 2019) shows that companies can increase their profits by up to 83% by improving their data analytics maturity.

Potential profit uplift refers to average increase in overall profit if a company were to increase its analytics maturity to the level of a leader, holding all other variables constant. This analysis is correlational and does not imply causality.

Viri: Melbourne Business School, A.T. Kearney analysis

When trying to use existing data and resources, most businesses face challenges

  • Data is scattered, we don’t always know where it is.
  • Data is unreadable or incomprehensible due to the use of different terminologies.
  • Data cannot be linked due to different naming conventions in different systems.
  • Data is not reliable, it is duplicated…
  • Most of the reports that are already in use are incomprehensible and inconsistent from month to month, so we cannot rely on them.

Pri vzpostavitvi celotnega sistema in procesov za podatkovno analitiko vam Informatik lahko veliko pomaga, saj imamo ustrezne izkušnje, znanje in strokovnjake.

Steps for establishing the solution


The first step to successfully deploying and using data analytics is to retrieve the data we need and verify it.


The second step is to organize this information to make it easier to access, structure it and unify the names.


In the third step, we analyse the data. This step includes reporting, tactical and ad-hoc queries, data visualization and machine learning.


In Step 4, you will start using the products of the previous steps, comprehensible, reliable and regular reports intended to improve the performance of your business. Be it in the field of resource management, process optimization, long-term strategic decision-making …

Once established:

  • You will in every moment know what’s going on in your business.
  • Once you understand what is happening and why it is happening, you will be able to adjust the processes to be more efficient.
  • The reports you receive will be easy to understand and visually tailored to your needs.
  • A good insight into what is happening in the company will help you identify new potential products, services and areas of activity.

How can Informatika help you?

  • Set up a data warehouse in our data centre or at your premises.
  • Analysis and structuring of source data and its links.
  • Preparation of a logical model for the intelligible display of data and their visualization.
  • Preparation of key reports and training of selected users to be able to independently prepare ad-hoc reports.
  • Support throughout the lifecycle of the solution, from basic operation to upgrades and new skills development.

Our knowledge and strengths:

  • Mastering the concepts and guidelines for building data warehouses in conjunction with providing a comprehensive range of data analytics tools.
  • Years of experience, mastery of tools and our own established change management process for building data warehouses.
  • Knowledge of a comprehensive IT solution development strategy where data analytics plays an important role.
  • Specialists in data warehousing and business content.


We will not simply sell you something out of the box. We want to become your partner and together with you find the best possible solution for your specific situation. We will work together to identify your challenges, implement the agreed solution and work on it over the long term.

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