ICT equipment hosting

ICT equipment hosting and backup location (Disaster Recovery Center)

Do you need space to install your infrastructure or space for your backup location (Disaster Recovery Center)?

We offer you a state-of-the-art solution that can significantly reduce your risk and costs, while ensuring the highest safety standards and high availability, and finally, save you valuable time.

The highest level of reliability of electricity supply

  • in the immediate vicinity of the transmission line and 110/220 kV transformer
  • duplicated UPS power supply
  • additional own energy source

Great data connections

  • own connections or use of one of the largest and highest quality private data networks in Slovenia
  • more powerful DWDM download for more demanding users
  • the possibility of renting optics to most TK providers in Slovenia

Technical and physical security

  • secure Lampertz cage integrated into the building
  • 24/7 video surveillance system of the building and its surroundings, around-the-clock physical protection
  • controlled entry to the center with an electronic card adhering to the agreed protocol
  • reports on entries, duration of visits, alarms and access blockades
  • secure storage space for spare parts and equipment

Optimal working conditions

  • use of cooling technology for the inside of the cage
  • pre-prepared installations for additional cooling of individual cabinets
  • dedicated workstation

You can choose from a variety of collaboration options:

  • space rental
  • rental of space in secure cabinets (Rack Space)
  • rental of storage space
  • equipment rental
  • setting up and assisting in the implementation of the backup location project with your equipment
  • intervention 24/7
  • duty for entry escort 24/7

Guarantee of safety and reliability:
The owner, manager and main user of the facility and equipment is the provider of critical services, Elektro Ljubljana.

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