Automating responses to cyber incidents

4. 6. 2021

At this year’s Infosek conference, Informatika is participating with a presentation on the topic of automating responses to cyber incidents. At the online event, which took place at the originally scheduled date of the conference between June 2nd and 4th, dr. Andrej Bregar spoke about the advantages and challenges of automating responses to cyber incidents.

In the modern times organizations and business systems are constantly, 24/7, facing a large number of diverse cyber attacks and threats that are becoming increasingly difficult to control. Therefore, the concept of automated response to cyber incidents has recently gained in acceptance and validity.

In his lecture dr. Bregar explains what we gain from the introduction of procedures and technologies for automating responses to cyber incidents, while also touching on those organizational and technological aspects of automation that open up challenges, problems and opportunities. He places the automation of responding to cyber incidents in the broader process of dealing with and resolving cyber incidents and in the context of the life cycle and use cases in the field of cyber threat intelligence. In this light, he also speaks about the aspect of the dynamic degree of automation of responding to cyber incidents. As a key practical approach to the implementation dr. Bregar presents the possibilities of using the building blocks of SIEM and SOAR technologies for automated response and orchestration of cyber incidents.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two key factors in implementing an automated response to cyber incidents. In the lecture dr. Bregar also talks about the project of developing our own model of machine learning for detecting and responding to cyber incidents, which we at Informatika are implementing together with the Security Operations Center.

Dr. Andrej Bregar will also be present at the live conference, which will take place in Nova Gorica between September 8th and 10th. You are warmly invited!