DIGITALEUROPE Digitalisation of the Energy Ecosystem Roundtable

9. 11. 2022

On October 27, at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Andrej Bregar took part in a round table on the topic of digitization of the energy system at DIGITALEUROPE in Brussels, as a representative for Slovenia.

Digital technologies will play an impactful role in the EU’s quest to transform the energy system, addressing scarcity, dependence on fossil fuels and the climate crisis – in the context of Fit-for-55, REPowerEU and the Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan/DoEAP (published on the 18th of October).

This event launched a discussion on the real business benefits, opportunities, and challenges for the EU in the context of the digitalization of its Energy ecosystem. The participants tried to identify opportunities where digital technologies and solutions can help improving energy efficiency, accelerate the roll-out of renewable energy and address the diversification of energy supplies. They provided examples of critical digital technologies and infrastructure (Data centres, 5/6G, AI, etc) for the transformation of the energy system and implementation of the EU Green deal and identify barriers to be addressed. They also started to shape the legislative framework to ensure the acceleration of the twin transition and alignment with EU Green Deal’s ambitions, emphasizing the need for regulatory coherence.

Leaders from various European enterprises, energy companies and European politics were present at the round table. The findings will be used in the formulation of the energy digitization strategy at the EU level.