Moj elektro & SI-PASS

25. 10. 2021

Moj elektro logo

Since the end of September, users of the Moj elektro portal are also able to log in via a single point for verifying the identity of various users, the SI-PASS system.

This upgrade significantly contributes to the accessibility of the portal content, especially for end users, as it facilitates the first login and subsequent regular access to data.

Users can still also use the initial method of access through the Rekono system.

Moj elektro login screen
Login options for Moj elektro

Moj elektro is a free common web portal and application for smartphones, through which users can access their metering data, regardless of which supplier supplies them with electricity or in which electricity distribution area they are located.

Users have access to an overview of data such as:

  • details of the metering point (contractual data such as meter number, owner and payer of the metering point etc.),
  • technical equipment information for the metering point, which is the basis for electricity billing,
  • monthly billing data of consumed (and produced) electricity,
  • electricity consumed (and produced) in the previous days in the selected time period and
  • electricity consumed at 15-minute intervals for previous days.

Which data on the consumed (or produced) electricity is displayed depends on the technical equipment of the metering point (advanced metering system) and the availability of data in the advanced metering center of a specific electricity distribution company. Thru the portal, network users receive clear information about their own electricity consumption and how to manage their consumption.

Metering points where the user is also the payer are added automatically based on the tax number of the user/payer. Metering points can also be added manually by the user or authorized by a third party. In the interface, user can switch between overview of all metering points, only business or only private metering points. The details about the metering point are displayed after clicking on it.

In the billing data tab (Obračunski podatki), the user can monitor all billing calculations for the last 36 months. These are the stated calculated values for an individual metering point in a certain accounting period.

For the remote readable meters, the user can also view the daily balances. By default, the last seven days are displayed, but it is possible to select any period up to two years in the past. For metering points that also have production sources, the produced energy that goes into the electricity grid is also displayed.

If the metering point is suitably technically equipped, the user can also check the status every 15 minutes. During this interval, the user can also monitor the amount of energy transmitted to the grid. Different data displays are possible.

The portal enables export and thus easier processing of all data.

The owner can authorize another registered user to check the status of his metering point, which is useful for business users or users who take care for other family members. The user can also review all the credentials and revoke them if necessary.

Sistem za enoten dostop do merilnih podatkov predstavlja skupaj s sistemskimi števci, komunikacijskimi povezavami in naprednimi merilnimi centri elektrodistribucijskih podjetij del naprednega merilnega sistema. Portal je ena izmed storitev Enotne vstopne točke nacionalnega podatkovnega vozlišča, skladno z Energetskim zakonom. Portal so vzpostavila elektrodistribucijska podjetja Elektro Celje, Elektro Maribor, Elektro Primorska, Elektro Ljubljana in Elektro Gorenjska, združena v Gospodarskem interesnem združenju distribucije električne energije.

The system for uniform access to metering data, together with system meters, communication connections and advanced metering centers of electricity distribution companies, is part of an advanced metering system. The portal is one of the services of the single entry point (Enotna vstopna točka) of the national data node, in accordance with the Energy Act. The portal was established by the electricity distribution companies Elektro Celje, Elektro Maribor, Elektro Primorska, Elektro Ljubljana and Elektro Gorenjska.