Informatika achieved Platinum Creditworhiness status third year in a row

4. 12. 2023

Družba Informatika d.o.o. je tudi letos, že tretje leto zapored, prejemnica certifikata Platinaste bonitete odličnosti, ki ga podeljuje mednarodna analitična hiša Dun & Bradstreet. 

Again this year the company Informatika d.o.o. received the Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence, awarded by the international analytical house Dun & Bradstreet. Recipients of this certificate demonstrate exceptional payment discipline, nurture good business practices, achieve exceptional business results and ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved in the work process.​

Platinum credit rating excellence represents an above-average credit rating among companies. It is based on the financial statements and other dynamic indicators of the company and predicts an above-average safe and successful operation of the company in the next twelve months.

Companies with platinum credit rating excellence are doing extremely well and have a very low likelihood of registering any of the following negative events over the next twelve months: bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation (

There is a 91% probability that entities with Platinum Creditworthiness rating will maintain the creditworthiness rating also in the next year.