Cloud computing is a game-changer. Each day, we are faced with growing demands to cut costs, together with expectations for reliable, scalable and flexible IT platform. We are providing our solutions as cloud services to fulfill demands as:

  • Flexible and scalable services, with no need for significant investments
  • Pay-per-usage cost models
  • Instant start for using the provided services
  • Environmentally-friendly and energetically-efficient systems.

Informatika d.d. is a cloud-services provider, including integrated end-to-end support. Therefore, customers can fully concentrate on the automation and optimisation of their business processes, leaving us the challenges regarding IT solutions and infrastructure.

Informatika d.d. is a leading provider of IT support and services to electric power distribution companies, as well as to some affiliated companies in Slovenia. There are more than 1,500 end-users, using our solutions. Efficient solutions for mass-printing and automated enveloping are also available to our customers.

Good IT solutions and services are based on the right people with right skills. Over the last 20 years, we have formed a team of highly skilled and experienced support specialists. The scope of their knowledge is particularly strong in the following fields:

  • Electric power supply-chain data exchange,
  • Electric power supply-chain business processes,
  • Billing for electric power grid services,
  • Billing for electric power supply services,
  • Billing for other energy sources (gas, district heating, etc.),
  • Adjustments and optimization of business processes, during the steps of opening and deregulating the electric power market.

These core competencies have been upgraded by deep knowledge in the area of software development, and various information systems integration, as well as automating and supporting business processes.

Regarding billing for utility services, there are hardly any challenges, which our specialists could not handle properly.

Consulting services can also be provided in the following area:

  • Planning and developing of IT solutions,
  • Development of process-oriented applications,
  • Best practices for managing the cloud services,
  • Design of computer networks and information security consulting,
  • Data modeling and business processes optimisation.

If our customers cannot find an appropriate solution for their needs among our existing services, new cloud-oriented services can be developed for them at their request, due to the knowledge and high research potential of our specialists:

  • Planning and design of IT services,
  • Development of IT services,
  • Putting services into production and operation,
  • Maintenance and upgrading of IT services.


Improve your business results with the right and timely decisions

Why data warehouse and data analytics?

A study by AT Kearney (The value of analytics in 2019) shows that companies can increase their profits by up to 83% by improving their data analytics maturity.

When trying to use existing data and resources, most businesses face challenges:

  • Data is scattered, we don’t always know where it is.
  • Data is unreadable or incomprehensible due to the use of different terminologies.
  • Data cannot be linked due to different naming conventions in different systems.
  • Data is not reliable, it is duplicated…
  • Most of the reports that are already in use are incomprehensible and inconsistent from month to month, so we cannot rely on them.

Steps for establishing the solution

  1. The first step to successfully deploying and using data analytics is to retrieve the data we need and verify it.
  2. The second step is to organize this information to make it easier to access, structure it and unify the names.
  3. In the third step, we analyse the data. This step includes reporting, tactical and ad-hoc queries, data visualization and machine learning.
  4. In Step 4, you will start using the products of the previous steps, comprehensible, reliable and regular reports intended to improve the performance of your business. Be it in the field of resource management, process optimization, long-term strategic decision-making …


Once established:

  • You will in every moment know what’s going on in your business.
  • Once you understand what is happening and why it is happening, you will be able to adjust the processes to be more efficient.
  • The reports you receive will be easy to understand and visually tailored to your needs.
  • A good insight into what is happening in the company will help you identify new potential products, services and areas of activity.


How can Informatika help you?

  • Set up a data warehouse in our data centre or at your premises.
  • Analysis and structuring of source data and its links.
  • Preparation of a logical model for the intelligible display of data and their visualization.
  • Preparation of key reports and training of selected users to be able to independently prepare ad-hoc reports.
  • Support throughout the lifecycle of the solution, from basic operation to upgrades and new skills development.


Our knowledge and strengths:

  • Mastering the concepts and guidelines for building data warehouses in conjunction with providing a comprehensive range of data analytics tools.
  • Years of experience, mastery of tools and our own established change management process for building data warehouses.
  • Knowledge of a comprehensive IT solution development strategy where data analytics plays an important role.
  • Specialists in data warehousing and business content.


Now is the time to act!

We will not simply sell you something out of the box. We want to become your partner and together with you find the best possible solution for your specific situation. We will work together to identify your challenges, implement the agreed solution and work on it over the long term.

Our solutions for electric power grid services providers are designed in a way, to ensure complete end-to-end support, combining efficiency, flexibility, and process automation. The whole process chain is integrated, starting by obtaining core-data (users contracts, power metering), up to the final result; the invoice for the end-customer is in paper or e-form.

You can choose from among:

  • Applications for supporting a customer lifecycle process, from applying for grid access, to covering the connection to the grid, to supplier exchange, and finally the disconnection from the grid. Applications are designed to lead the user through the task sequence necessary for performing requested procedures and creating all the documentation needed.
  • Application support in the area of mass data handling and data processing, to successfully manage huge amounts of metering points, handling metering data and performing billing of the grid usage fee. The vast area of subsidiary accounting and recovery services is also covered.

Our current volume of monthly issued invoices exceeds the number of 800,000, which is positioning us among the few largest billing systems in the Republic of Slovenia.

The billing system is fully integrated with the electric power market data exchange system. The power grid fee invoices can be exchanged electronically or in the paper, the archiving system is also set up, as well as B2B communicating services.

Our solutions for electricity suppliers are designed to ensure comprehensive end-to-end support for complete billing services.

The whole billing process is supported, including mass subsidiary accounts and the recovery process for unpaid bills, and all the specifics of the electric supply business have been taken into consideration.

The billing system has been fully integrated with the electric power market data-exchange system, as well as several output systems for printing invoices, e-mailing them, and archiving them, as well as for B2B communication with the banking environment.

In addition to billing for electricity, support is also included for gas-billing, with an option for issuing joint invoices for both resources (electricity and gas).

Informatika d.d. is the operator of the single entry point for electric power market data-exchange, which is being used by all grid operators in the Republic of Slovenia.

A common service bus has been established to ensure standardized, secure and simple data-exchange between grid operators and electricity suppliers. Another significant user of those services is the distribution network operator.

The system was designed in a robust manner to assure reliable data transfer. Over 10 million of transactions per year are carried out using our system, which is fully SOA compliant, enabling the integration with several platforms and ERP systems.

The experience, accumulated during decades of supporting a very specific industry, enables Informatika d.d. to offer consulting services on a very broad area of IT usage. Our specialists are qualified to help you find the best solution or optimize an existing one.

There is an education system available for all the services that we offer, either on your premises or in our fully equipped classroom, which can also be rented for your needs.

Information security is a critical issue. Therefore, we offer our clients several relevant services. Intrusion prevention and prevention of confidential data leaks is our main focus.

There are several security services available to our clients:

  • Reliable and secure Internet access and intrusion prevention,
  • Safe e-mail exchange,
  • Local area network protection, meeting the latest security standards,
  • Designing of redundant links to ISPs,
  • Rent of a security-operational centre for support in case of zero-day attacks.

Having been a system provider for decades is our most significant advantage. A diverse range set of experiences, gained through successful operation of two secured data centres on separate locations, allows our specialists to offer high-quality technological services to prevent data corruption or data losses.

We offer:

  • Implementation and maintenance of central MS AD tree,
  • Implementation of universal communicating systems, with voice-over-IP support,
  • Safe e-mail exchange,
  • Share Point portal server hosting,
  • Cloud services, using virtualization technologies for server infrastructure optimization (IaaS),
  • Service hosting: web servers, FTP servers, and other servers, according to the clients’ needs,
  • Mass document archiving,
  • Mass printing and enveloping.

Only the most up-to-date and proven development tools and platforms have been used to create our solutions:

  • Several open-source solutions for development and production
  • JAVA development tools
  • SuSE and RedHat Linux
  • Web-services, using the IBM WebSphere family of products
  • Microsoft server platform for implementing ERP solutions, e-mail systems, and universal communication systems

Multi-level, open-source and flexible JAVA architecture has been used to design our solutions, using all the benefits offered by the open-source concept. We also have extensive experiences with designing process-oriented solutions.

The SOA concept and, when needed, concept-oriented integration have been used in our solutions.

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Informatika d.d. was founded in 1966 by joining multiple computer centres. Throughout the years, it has changed several organizational forms; presently it is a shareholding company today. The majority stockholders are Slovenian electric power distribution companies; therefore, the IT support for billing and subsidiary accounts has always been the main scope of our business. After completing a large project of re-engineering the main software and technologies for our core business support, the company started to extend its portfolio to services and solutions for the open market.


Informatika d.d. is a development-oriented company and a trusted business partner in the electric power distribution environment in Slovenia. We have 40 years of experience in developing IT solutions and offering services to various customers.

By using modern information technologies, accompanied by our own and external knowledge, we enable our customers the best possible, secure and transparent business operations, assuring optimal costs. The synergy with related businesses and possible new market opportunities have always been taken into consideration.

We offer complete solutions custom tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We prefer building a partner relation with our customers over the simple services, which is a solid ground for long-term cooperation with benefits for all parties involved. Constant investments in the education of our employees enables the use of the most up-to-date technologies.

It is our sincere belief that we are a trustworthy and reliable partner for all of our current and future partners.

Company name: INFORMATIKA, information technology and services
Short name: INFORMATIKA d.d.
Company HQ: Vetrinjska ulica 2, 2000 Maribor
Telephone : +386 2 707 10 00 H.C.
Company in Ljubljana: Hajdrihova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Company registration number: 5259363000
VAT Number: 70666130
Transaction account: NKBM Account no: SI56 0451 5000 0156 581
Company director: mag. Andrej Stajič

Company is registered at the district court in Maribor, reg. no 1/00871/00. Initial capital 613.442,00 EUR.